Hottest futures Tianjiao daily review 1217

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Tiandi Futures: Tianjiao daily review 1217

on Friday evening, Tokyo glue prices continued to rise. The continued weakness of the domestic currency and the tight supply in Southeast Asia have led to a large number of buying on the floor. Although the transaction is relatively small, it proves that the market activity is not high. However, the upward shift of the price focus is a fact and has gradually improved the market outlook. Of course, behind the strong rise of funds, the side reflects the majority's bullish thinking. On the occasion of the listing of new rubber, Southeast Asia has experienced continuous overcast and rainy days, which has brought shopping interest in the market. Therefore, in the short term, the possibility of hitting 300 yen still exists

domestic: Shanghai Jiao futures prices continue to oscillate today, with high opening and low going as the main theme. The main contracts in March fell by 25 points in total and closed at 22545 yuan in the late afternoon. The daily trading volume was 177622 hands, and the number of application Bento positions held was 79106, an increase of 3474 per day. According to the volume and price of the day's trading, running short is still the main operation method at present. And since last week, the trend is indeed soft compared with that of Japanese rubber. The year-on-year increase of 62.1% fully meets the basic performance and appearance requirements of LED lamps, among which the pressure on the real market is too heavy to be ignored. The lack of consumer buying and receiving in the market makes it difficult for speculative bulls to go long rashly. After all, this will lead to high-level selling and take great risks. Therefore, the author believes that there will be stagflation in the trend of Shanghai Jiaotong in the short term. In terms of operation, it is recommended to focus on the short-term within the day, and keep the night certificate of deposit carefully

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