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There is little technical difference in the market of packaging machinery in EU countries

nowadays, the development of packaging machinery in the EU market is hot, such as France, Greece and other EU countries, there is little difference in the technical level of packaging machinery between them. In the history of the EU packaging industry, because of the different process of manufacturing industrialization, the industries used are also different, which also leads to the diversified development characteristics of the packaging industry in EU countries. However, the exchanges with the Chinese market are not as common as those in Italy, but the industrial exchanges between the two sides, including the connection of market economy, still exist. After all, we have the largest consumer market in the world, which is not the temptation that any country can resist. The same is true of the European Union. In terms of the packaging machine industry, the European Union has some exchanges with China, but it still needs to be developed, And the economic development also has a good promotion relationship, which is worthy of affirmation

China's packaging machinery industry started late, but because of its huge market potential and rapid development speed, it has gradually become a major country in the packaging machine industry, and is also developing towards internationalization. EU countries have also become a market with which China has a lot of exchanges in the packaging machine industry. In the European Union, Italy, Britain, France, Greece and Belgium are more famous for the packaging machine industry. Among them, Italy's packaging machine can be said to be world-class, but in its early development, for example, in 2003, the Italian packaging machine industry fell by 2% compared with the millennium. In 2004, the increase in exports and the rebound in domestic market sales also led to the growth of the packaging industry, with a total output of 2.9 billion euros, In monetary terms, it increased by 2.8% over 2003 and 1.4% in real estate terms. Since then, it has maintained an increasing trend almost every year

such a trend of export growth and import decline led to a trade surplus of 211.9 billion euros in the Italian packaging industry in 2004, an increase of 2.6% over the previous year, consolidating the strong position of the packaging industry in Italian industry. Among the export countries of Italy, China is one of them, and its share is not low. Some of the technologies of China's local packaging machine enterprises are also learned from Italy. There are many exchanges about packaging machines between the two countries. In the market, China and Italian packaging machines also collide with each other. Because Italian packaging machines are mostly high-end, Chinese packaging machines still have certain advantages in the medium and low-end market, Among Chinese packaging machine enterprises, few can compete with foreign first-class packaging machine enterprises

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