A fire broke out at a printing processing point in

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A fire broke out in a printing processing point in Longgang, but fortunately there were no casualties.

a few days ago, a fire broke out in building a, Wanxing Huayuan, West Sixth Street, Longgang town. The fire destroyed two printing machines and a large number of printed desk calendars and wall calendars, resulting in a direct economic loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan and no casualties

according to witnesses on the scene, ④ the software linear correction of calibration data is more detailed: the fire is from the first floor printed connector, coil frame, relay housing; When the brush factory began to burn, because a large number of printing materials, toluene and other inflammables and explosives were stacked in the workshop, the fire went out of control together and quickly spread to the whole workshop on the first floor. After receiving the alarm, Longgang fire squadron dispatched three fire engines and rushed to the scene of the fire. Just when the firefighters had controlled the fire in the rib of gb/t 5280 (2) 002 self tapping screws in the workshop, several barrels of toluene and engine oil stacked in the warehouse behind the house leaked. Firefighters braved the danger that the oil barrel would explode at any time, quickly transferred foam extinguishing agent to suppress it, and added high-pressure water guns to remove the afterfire. After nearly an hour of fighting, the fire was brought under control

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