Hottest futures Tianjiao daily review 0103

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Tiandi Futures: Tianjiao daily review 0103

today, the Shanghai Jiao futures price continued to oscillate, and the market lost guidance due to the closure of the outer market. From the perspective of trading performance, it seems that long and short are unwilling to fight for a long time, but more short-term operations. However, the overall position is still declining, which reflects the collapse of popularity. The main contract in March fell by 15 points throughout the day and closed at 23240 yuan at the end of the day. The daily trading volume is 85028 hands, and the position is 64532. There are signs of capital migration to may, and it is believed that it will gradually evolve into a trend in the later stage. In addition, the pressure of the moving average on prices is prominent. In particular, the 5-day moving average will undoubtedly make the rubber price unable to get out of the dilemma in the short term. Therefore, the author believes that the performance of the outer market tomorrow will attract Shanghai Jiaotong to a large extent, and it is particularly important to give direct guidance to deeply tap the potential of the demand for rare earth nano materials. In practice, the future rise will still be in deformation units of mm, cm and inch, and 30000 is a promising target for individuals. However, it is difficult to wait for the contract in March, so the bulls are likely to launch an offensive in May. In terms of operation, it is recommended to transfer multiple orders to the breaking force in May and hold it patiently. Short term can be carried out in March

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