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Gaoqiao Petrochemical polyurethane technology innovation creates a bright spot of benefit growth

Gaoqiao Petrochemical polyurethane Department adheres to creating a bright spot of enterprise economic benefit growth with innovation, and has successfully embarked on a leapfrog development path of technological innovation. The percentage of new product profits in the total profits of the year has increased year by year, from 25.89% in 2004 to 38.92% in 2008

polyether for slow rebound foam won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of the group company, "continuous method for preparing high stability and low viscosity polymer polyols" won the third prize of the Fifth Shanghai invention patent, "preparation method of low unsaturation polyether polyols" won the top ten excellent invention patents in Shanghai for energy saving and emission reduction, Polymer polyol gpop402 (new process) was once again approved by anqing high tech Industrial Development Zone as the only new chemical material industry base in Anhui Province. Shanghai top 100 projects for the transformation of high-tech achievements. High activity and high solid content polymer polyol gpoph45 was rated as a national key new product, In addition, the polyurethane Department won the honor of excellent supplier of Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the automotive interior trim industry, and the power connection was awarded the project development award. These new technological achievements and new products have won awards, which is only an epitome of the benefit growth created by Gaoqiao Petrochemical's scientific and technological innovation in recent years

with the expanding scale of peers, the market competition of polyether polyols is becoming increasingly fierce. To this end, Gaoqiao Petrochemical polyurethane Department has strengthened market research and technological innovation, constantly meeting the different needs of users, coping with the medium and high-end market with quality and price advantages, consolidating the low-end market with brand advantages, focusing on the latest and most fashionable technology, while also exploring new market value from existing mature products by using short and fast. The technology and Development Department identified the product development objectives, accelerated the product development process, and set up an application research group and a new product promotion group to do a good job in product technical services, increased the promotion of new products, and truly realized the transformation from "business" to "business", and from "selling products" to "selling services"

the company leads the market with its technological and quality advantages. The hard foam crosslinking agent gra-6360 has the advantages of efficient and advanced production process, no waste residue, energy conservation and environmental protection. The development of this product further improves the competitiveness of enterprises in hard foam polyether; The polyurethane Department of the company made a breakthrough in the application of foam after solving the scientific research problem of environmental friendly polyether polyols for high comfort vehicles last year. At present, the products have been confirmed by customers, and the tolerance of foaming formula has been greatly improved. The technical indicators of the prepared foam samples, especially the comfort performance during vehicle operation, have passed the tests of relevant foreign test centers; In cooperation with China Academy of Railway Sciences, they have successfully developed a new type of ballastless track for China's high-speed railway, using convex abutment resin (high-speed railway special composite polyether) to replace imported products, which has been successfully applied to projects such as avoiding idling of Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, which can effectively buffer the longitudinal and transverse vibration of the train and ensure that the track structure has a long service life. Last year, the polyurethane department also completed the research and development of four new scientific research projects, including the application research of polyether polyol gk350d, the development of hard foam polyether gra877, polyether polyol for soft foam with autocatalytic activity and slow rebound pore opening agent glk15. At present, these four projects have basically completed the application research and development or pilot production. This year, they have entered the market promotion stage and become the highlight of economic benefit growth of the polyurethane department. Polymer polyol series products continue to lead the market this year. Special polyether has not only been recognized by the market, but also become the highest profit unit of the Department

in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the polyurethane Department of Gaoqiao Petrochemical launched the 'incentive measures for encouraging employees to innovate'. For those who have invention and innovation, technological improvement or put forward innovation suggestions and formed written program report materials in production, scientific research, process design and product design, they are in the process of saving manpower, assets, energy Comments on raw materials and other aspects: those who do not consider the consumption cost of processing Industrial Grade 98% flake vanadium pentoxide into vanadium electrolyte for the time being, make suggestions and form written plan report materials, put forward suggestions in the process of improving work efficiency, enterprise management level, improving work quality and effective management, and have specific work measures and plans adopted, are seriously responsible for their posts, find hidden dangers in time, and put forward specific prevention and rectification plans, Certain rewards will be given

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