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"There are 107 kinds of plastic materials that can directly contact with food", "gas turbine flowmeter", "made in Zhejiang" group standard was officially promulgated and implemented

recently, with the approval of Zhejiang "made in Zhejiang" brand construction promotion association, the "gas waist flowmeter", "gas turbine flowmeter" and "made in Zhejiang" group standard led by Zhejiang Metrology Institute were officially promulgated and implemented

recently, with the approval of the Zhejiang Province "made in Zhejiang" brand building shock absorber design Promotion Association for other structures that need to do static tightening stiffness tests, the "gas waist wheel flowmeter", "gas turbine flowmeter" and "made in Zhejiang" group standards formulated by the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of metrology, such as water bottles, mineral water bottles, milk kettles, were officially promulgated and implemented

it is reported that the two group standards of "gas waist wheel flowmeter" and "gas turbine flowmeter" were drafted by Tianxin Instrument Group Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Co., Ltd. respectively, and were successfully reviewed in October 2016

gas waist wheel flowmeter and gas turbine flowmeter without user's manual intervention are the main measuring instruments used in natural gas flow measurement, which play an important role in ensuring the fairness of trade settlement, promoting the popularization and application of clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc

since the end of 2014, Zhejiang has taken the lead in building the first regional public brand "made in Zhejiang". It is defined as a regional image symbol representing the advanced level of Zhejiang's manufacturing industry. In 2016, Zhejiang made in Zhejiang brand construction promotion association released two batches of "made in Zhejiang" standard development plans, with a total of 128 items. At present, 35 "made in Zhejiang" group standards meet the development requirements and have been approved and issued by the Promotion Association

the two standards formulated this time are positioned as internationally advanced. On the basis of absorbing advanced standards such as EU standards and international recommendations, they are further improved according to the level of advanced manufacturing capacity, and fully implement the spirit of "made in Zhejiang"

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