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machine information '' compilation: 91gb/t bauxite sand for investment casting Powder bauxitesandandflourforinvestmentcasting

92gb/t resin binder for casting theresiduefromregistrationofsyntheticfattyacidsasbinderforfoundation

93gb/t general technical conditions for steel die forgings generalspecificationofsteeldieforgings

94gb/t steel die forgings tolerances extruded polystyrene board and machining allowance tolerancesandmachiningallowancesofteeldieforgings

95gb/t functional classification of forgings by The vast majority of EVA foaming materials and their modifiers are plastic materials orgingfunctions

96gb/t welding quality assurance requirements and defect classification of steel fusion welded joints - requirementforfusionweldingjointofsteelandclassificationforimprovement

97gb/t fluxes forthesubmergedarcweldingoflowlloysteel

98gb/T metal heat treatment process classification and code classification Cationanddesignationonmetalheattreatment

99gb electrode drying furnace operation energy consumption standard energyconsumptionstandardinoperationofcoverededelectrodefurnace

100gb/t boiler pressure parts - mechanicaltestforweldedjoints

101gb/t steel die forgings metallographic structure rating chart and evaluation method metallographicgradingandassessmethodforsteeldieforgings

102gb/t method of wide plate tensile test for butt welded joints methodofwideplateextensiontestforbutweldedjoint

103 plywood GB 9 is now widely used in the external insulation of high-rise buildings. Flame retardant polystyrene board 846 (8) 8gb/t manganese based brazing fillermetals

104gb/t nickel and nickel alloy electrodes nicklandnickelloycoveredweldingelectrodes

105gb/t aluminum based brazing fillermetals

106gb/t welded joint Head pulsation tensile fatigue test methodforpulsedtensilefatigueofweldedjoints

107gb/t butt joint rigid restraint welding crack test methodofrigidrestraintcrackingtestforweldingbuttjoint

108gb/t die cast zinc alloy zincdie castingalloys

109gb/t copper alloy castings

110gb/t magnesium alloy castings magnesiumalloycastings

111gb/t zinc alloy castings die castings zincaloydiecastings

112gb/t die-casting non-ferrous alloy specimens testspecimensfornonferrous diecastingalloys

113gb/t dimensional tolerances of stamping parts toleranceofdimensionsforstampings

114gb/t angular tolerances of stamping parts toleranceofanglesforstampings

115gb/t undeclared tolerances on shape and position of stamping parts unnoted tolerances ofshapeandpositionforstampings

116gb/t cast high manganese steel gold

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