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The establishment of the industry's "three swordsmen" rescue UAV market of 100 million yuan is imminent

] for mankind, the sea is full of opportunities and hope, and it is also very mysterious and dangerous. This team will rely on its location in machining. Whether it's surging waves, hurricanes at sea, giant predator sharks, and invisible killer box jellyfish, they are all potential threats to mankind. Once an accident occurs at sea, even if it is just drowning, how to rescue when bdi912 drops to 18 is the top priority

previously, two foreign teenagers were trapped in the sea and were about to drown. It happened that rescue organizations were training to use drones. After obtaining the danger of two people, the rescue organization used the UAV to quickly locate its specific location and put in emergency life-saving equipment. Finally, the two swam back to the shore with the help of the life-saving equipment launched by the UAV. It is reported that the time of using UAV to rescue is only about one sixth of that of human lifeguards

UAV rescue has gradually become a climate

in recent years, with the increasingly mature core technology and the continuous development of the unmanned trend, the civil UAV industry has ushered in a rapid rise. In addition to the upsurge of consumer UAVs sweeping the world, industrial UAVs, which are professionally applied in the industry, have also obtained major development opportunities, and the market growth situation is becoming more and more positive

at present, the blue ocean of the industrial UAV market is frequent, and its application in agricultural plant protection, logistics and transportation, power inspection, marine monitoring, transportation level 2 reinforcement joints shall not be less than 490mpa, patrol inspection, emergency communication, emergency rescue and other scenarios is becoming more and more popular. Because many professional scenes are faced with complex, dangerous and dirty working environment, UAV has become one of the most suitable choices

relatively speaking, the environment faced by the rescue scene is more harsh and urgent. It is precisely because of this that the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in emergency rescue has won the recognition and support of people in the industry. At present, UAV rescue operations are increasingly frequent, and the research, development and upgrading of rescue UAV products are also being promoted rapidly. Experts said that the application of unmanned aerial vehicles in rescue scenes will become the mainstream trend, and the development of rescue unmanned aerial vehicles will also move towards specialization

advantages of rescue UAV operation

in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the general way is often difficult to achieve the purpose of rescue quickly, while the rescue UAV can make up for this defect, and save more people's life safety and property safety with its own advantages and characteristics. In general, the rescue UAV has three advantages:

first, it is basically free from environmental impact and has quick response. Compared with other rescue equipment, UAV is smaller, lighter and very easy to carry. In an emergency, the UAV can approach and take off by the way that the operators carry it with them, or reach the rescue site flexibly through rapid transportation. Under the influence of different terrain environment, the operation of UAV is generally not affected

second, it has wide coverage and strong mobility. Compared with the ground rescue personnel, the rescue UAV is located at high altitude, which can patrol and monitor the ground situation in a wide range, and convey the relevant data information to the rear decision-makers to provide reference for specific deployment; In addition, the rescue UAV has fast flight speed and can arrive at the rescue site in time to complete relevant rescue operations

third, the carrying task template has diversity. The rescue scene is very complex and changeable, so the UAV also needs to flexibly carry relevant task modules according to different tasks, environments and other factors, which is also the main advantage of the UAV. For example, at night, unmanned aerial vehicles can be equipped with night imaging systems; When materials need to be transported and put in, the UAV can carry small self rescue equipment or food, drinking water, etc

the rescue UAV market has a broad prospect

the occurrence of natural disasters and accidents is unpredictable and unavoidable, so human demand for rescue always exists. In recent years, the application of information technology such as artificial intelligence and the accelerated landing of intelligent manufacturing products have promoted the in-depth integration of the rescue field and the field of science and technology, and laid an important foundation for the wide use of rescue UAVs and other products

compared with other rescue equipment, the rescue UAV not only has prominent and rich application advantages, but also can meet the various needs of different links of the rescue mission, such as disaster reconnaissance, on-site real-time monitoring, rescue material transportation, patrol in key areas, emergency communication, etc. The diversified functions of the rescue UAV have not only brought great benefits to the rescue operation, but also brought a broad market for itself

at present, the development trend of civil UAV manufacturing industry is relatively positive, and the industrial UAV industry tends to rise. At the same time, relying on the unique application advantages and functions, the rescue UAV will be favored by more and more users, and the market growth is expected to usher in an explosion. According to the prediction of insiders, by 2022, the market scale of rescue UAVs may reach the level of 100 million yuan, becoming a new star in the UAV industry alongside plant protection UAVs and patrol UAVs

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