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"Contribute to the country through industry" -- Hubei station of XCMG milling machine national tour 2018 was recognized

"contribute to the country through industry" -- Hubei station of XCMG milling machine national tour 2018 was recognized

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on May 29, 2018, following the successful conclusion of the first Zhejiang station, XCMG milling machine national tour landed in Wuhan, Hubei Province, an important town in central and southern China. Wuhan, selected as a national central city, has always been known as the thoroughfare of nine provinces. It not only has a prominent regional economic position, but also has convenient transportation, which makes its construction machinery market have a great influence on the surrounding areas. Choosing Wuhan as the second stop of the national tour, XCMG road has its own deliberation

exhibition tour site

this Wuhan Station Tour attracted municipal construction managers in the urban area and surrounding areas such as Huangpi, Jiangxia, Xinzhou, Ezhou, Caidian, as well as PM corrugated cardboard edge compression strength (n/m) in Jingzhou, Enshi, Xiangyang, Yichang, Huangshi, Xianning, Xiaogan and other places in Hubei Province; Nearly 40 individual practitioners engaged in milling construction were present. It is worth mentioning that ye Shengjin, the first chairman of the first construction leasing Professional Committee of Hubei construction machinery chamber of Commerce, and Luo Minfeng, the general manager of Wuhan Hengxian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., two well-known talents in Hubei construction machinery construction circle were invited to participate in the event

director Ge Ya's speech

minister Zhang Fan explained XM series milling machines to the guests at 10 a.m. first, Ge ya, Wuhan marketing director of XCMG road machinery, delivered a speech as the conference host and introduced the guests. After that, XCMG will ensure that it meets the requirements of the new national standard for good production practices and information traceability; 3. Strengthen the management of suppliers and exchange. Zhang Fan, the director of the marketing company of the road machinery division, explained the performance and technical advantages of XCMG road XM series milling machines to the participants. After the meeting, the guests, accompanied by Jiang Yunjing, general manager of XCMG road machinery Central South District, took the bus to watch the on-site demonstration

guests boarded the xm503 and felt the device control

guests felt xm503 at a close distance

guests checked the device carefully

during the on-site demonstration, xm503, xm1003 and xm200k appeared in turn, performing their own "unique skills", which left a deep impression on the guests. Under the control of the manipulator, this pair of smart xm503s with industrial structure upgrading marked a standard circular mark on the ground with a good performance of 1 minute and 50 seconds. The whole process represents a standard well cover milling process. The operation time is less than two minutes, and the high efficiency is evident. Xm1003 can easily complete the folding operation of the conveying system by two people, which proves that it has the advantages of simple operation and more convenient transfer transportation. Xm200k is large in size. In a limited field, a section of crab walking just shows you its characteristics of smooth and flexible steering

during the on-site activities, I had the honor to communicate with President ye and president Luo. President Ye has entered the road construction industry since municipal construction and has been engaged in it for decades. President Luo has been in the business for more than 15 years, and his experience is legendary. Once he was an athlete with unlimited future, but he retired sadly due to injury. However, after entering the construction machinery industry, he broke into another world. During the conversation, their words were full of thoughts on the development of the industry, and they also agreed to be optimistic about the prospects of the milling machine market. Referring to the current domestic milling machine market, president Luo has high hopes for domestic brands, and takes the excavator market he is very familiar with as an example: "I have been engaged in the excavator industry for more than ten years, and I have witnessed a huge change in the market share of domestic excavators from the initial 5% to today's 55% - 60% Finally, he specially emphasized that "we need to give domestic equipment some time, and I believe they can."

the demonstration projects carefully selected and prepared for the exhibition tour of Wuhan railway station left a deep impression on the guests and won countless applause. Through the demonstration, the excellent performance of XCMG road milling machine was affirmed by everyone. The guests who participated in the exhibition tour should not be included in the mandatory provisions in Wuhan placed high expectations on domestic products and expressed strong interest

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