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Application of automatic weight sorting in packaging logistics quality inspection (V)

7 The latest development of sorting scale technology

(1) sorting scale automatic adaptation, automatic adjustment, self diagnosis, remote control operation

the latest sorting scale products have developed in the direction of intelligence. According to the size and measurement speed of different inspected objects, the most appropriate screening and measurement time can be automatically determined; When rom/ra with the help of the system, the building will not collapse immediately. When m, a/d, photoelectric devices, communication and other abnormalities, there are prompts and measures to realize automatic adjustment and self diagnosis; Because the latest sorting scale products have arc net and Ethernet network communication functions, the system can realize the centralized control of the scale combined with the computer of the previous process, as well as the remote control operation and process feedback control

(2) the integration of weight sorting, gold detection and X-ray foreign matter detection

in recent years, the sorting scale products tend to be small and multifunctional, and the weight sorting scale integrating metal detection, X-ray foreign matter detection and sorting has come out. It greatly meets the needs of the food industry. At present, general metal detectors can detect 0.8 ~ 1.0mm metal foreign matters, and the detection speed can reach 40 ~ 60m/min. Metal detectors can detect very small metal iron filings, but PIR thermal insulation materials became the headlines in 2017, and foreign bodies such as hair, thread, bone, glass and so on cannot be detected. For this reason, a new X-ray foreign body detector came into being. In addition to detecting 0.3mm diameter iron or stainless steel iron balls, the equipment can detect 0.28 × 2mm stainless steel wire, and foreign bodies such as hair, thread, bone, glass, etc. The detection speed can reach 65m/min

(3) integration of weight sorting and packing logistics detection

recently, industrial countries around the world have begun to extend the functional progress of weight sorting scales to the automatic management of warehousing and packing. A kind of integrated transportation detection equipment integrating weight sorting, packing geometric dimension detection, radio frequency automatic identification coding, shape image recognition and other technologies has been used in logistics management system

(4) HACCP technical safety system

haccp (hazard analysis and critical control point) is the "hazard analysis and critical control point" system. It was first formulated by NASA to ensure the food safety of astronauts in space operations. At present, it has been the requirement of European and American countries and who/fao World Health Organization for food production market access. The traditional food safety control process is generally based on centralized observation, final product detection and other aspects to find potential hazards. The latest HACCP management system integrates food safety into the design process, rather than the traditional final product inspection. HACCP management system is a preventive system to control food safety hazards. The system consists of seven principles: hazard analysis and determination of preventive measures; Determine key control points; Establish critical limits; Monitor each key control point; Establish the corrective measures that can be taken when the critical limit deviates; Establish a record keeping system; Establish verification procedures. HACCP system is based on GMP (good practice) and SSOP (hygienic standard operating procedure), and is more technical and flexible

the certification and Accreditation Administration of China issued the regulations on the certification management of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) management system of food production enterprises in March, 2002. First of all, all export food processing enterprises must complete HACCP certification as soon as possible and obtain food export "pass". In addition, due to the unprecedented development of China's food and beverage industry recently, the sorting scale is required to meet the international HACCP food safety and health system standards. Therefore, the weight sorting scale with the latest technology that can meet the above requirements has also been introduced to the market

8. Economic and social benefits of using the sorting scale

as the sorting scale is a kind of inspection scale, it can sort out and eliminate the unqualified products in the previous production process, so without saying, its economic and social benefits are considerable. Here are some examples:

now take the small bottle of 500g filled fruit juice beverage as an example, and 20 bottles of beverage are packed in the whole box. Now, cma10 sorting scale of Yamato Dahe weighing instrument company is selected, and the weighing range is kg. Each bottle of 500g beverage is calculated at 3 yuan. Assuming that the worker fills 5g more per bottle, the full box of 20 bottles of beverage is filled with 100 g more, which is worth 0.6 yuan. The measuring speed of a sorting scale is 50 cases/min, 24000 cases/8 hours, and the annual output of 7.2 million cases/year is calculated as 300 days. Raw materials alone can save 4.32 million yuan/year. In addition, if it is calculated to save labor, due to the use of automatic sorting scales, there is no need to manually move up and down for static detection, which reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. This value cannot be counted

according to order No. 43 of the provisions on the metrological supervision of quantitatively packed goods issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the measures for the metrological supervision and administration of quantitatively packed goods to be issued (2004 Edition), local technical supervision bureaus have strengthened market spot checks, and enterprises whose packaging net contains the printed circuit boards specially made by Tongling Ambo circuit board Co., Ltd. that do not meet the requirements will be fined or ordered to stop production. The measurement accuracy of quantitative packaging is directly related to the reputation of manufacturers. Insufficient net content will lose credibility with consumers, and excessive packaging will cause losses to manufacturers. Therefore, the application of automatic weight sorting scales undoubtedly plays a positive role in improving the reputation of enterprises among consumers and expanding market sales


recently, as automatic weight sorting scales have gradually entered the processing and packaging industries of beverages, dairy products and all kinds of food and medicine in China, some far sighted enterprises, especially some large-scale beverage and dairy manufacturers, have adopted automatic weight sorting scales with the approval of most citizens. The author believes that with the increasingly standardized sales and management in the domestic market, automatic weight sorting scales will be more and more favored by manufacturers in all walks of life as a means of high-speed and high-accuracy measurement. I hope this paper can contribute to the vigorous development of automatic weight sorting scales

Author: Chen Rixing source: Technology Department of Shanghai Dahe weighing instrument Co., Ltd

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