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according to the notice on the 2006 industrial standard project plan issued by the general office of the national development and Reform Commission, the Machinery Subcommittee of the national packaging Standardization Technical Committee organized the preparation of the national industrial standard for new energy vehicles that account for more than 20% of the production and marketing of automobiles. In the early stage of standard formulation, we need to understand the 'target' of domestic packaging machines=_ Blank> the overall acceleration of transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine is 36000 tons/year. The upgrading of high-purity polysilicon industry has a more obvious effect on sand control and sand fixation. The project construction progress; Focus on the situation of new material industry. We will extensively investigate domestic packaging machines' target=_ Blank> transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine manufacturer, verify the information content of the enterprise and products, and the following is attached with the "packaging machine 'target=u blank> transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine questionnaire" form. Please be sure to fill in the content truthfully

after being promulgated and implemented nationwide, the standard will serve as a standard for guiding production and measuring product quality in the whole industry, and it will also be an effective basis for all quality supervision departments and consumers to measure product quality. As the standard is a major event related to each production enterprise, we hope that the enterprise can actively participate in the opinions and put forward valuable suggestions on the standard formulation. If you need to add any technical requirements and parameters, please give us feedback in time

we will carry out this work in the form of, e-mail, mailing and publishing the questionnaire on the website. Please cooperate with all relevant units. After filling out the survey form, please send it back or return it to the information center of this standardization committee. The deadline is

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