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Application of automated products in the packaging industry

I. overview of the development of the packaging industry

packaging machinery refers to a machine that can complete the packaging process of all or part of products and commodities. Tri Mack tests the bonding strength of coated thermoplastic composites nbsp; Promote material innovation. The packaging process includes filling, wrapping, sealing and other main processes, as well as related pre and post processes, such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. In addition, packaging also includes measurement or stamping on packages

China's packaging industry is relatively backward in developed countries such as Japan and the United States, which has great development potential. In 2005, China produced a total of 93000 packaging machines, with an output value of 55billion yuan, a slight decrease from 2004. According to the statistics of the food and packaging machinery industry association, there are more than 3600 packaging machinery manufacturers in China at present, but there are only 20 with output value and sales exceeding 100 million yuan

domestic packaging machinery enterprises mainly produce relatively simple equipment, and high-end equipment mainly depends on imports. Only a few domestic enterprises can provide complete sets of production lines

II. The use of automation products in the packaging industry

1. Overall situation

the automation products used in packaging machinery mainly include control system, transmission control, motion control, man-machine interface and sensors, specifically including:

control system: embedded products, PLC, IPC, fieldbus

transmission control: frequency converter, DC speed regulation

motion control: servo, stepping, motion controller

man machine interface: text display, touch screen, tablet computer

electrical components and sensors: photoelectric switches, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, travel switches, etc.

because the blast furnace and reverberatory furnace system share a set of flue gas absorption system

2. Introduction to main automation products

(1) controller

the use of controllers in food and packaging machinery is quite different, and fieldbus technology is used in large-scale production lines, There are thousands of control points. Most single machines use PLC or special controllers. Some medium and low-end devices use relay control, while more small devices do not use any electronic controllers. On the whole, only about 10% of domestic packaging machinery use advanced controllers

IPC is the best in performance and has strong scalability. Rich software resources enable it to develop more application schemes. At present, it is mainly used for the management and communication of large-scale equipment. PLC system will still be the mainstream controller of packaging machinery within 5 years; As the previous mainstream controller, the relay will continue to continue in the low-end market, although the market has declined. Take the C919 aircraft engine as an example. Leap-x1c engine is a large jet aircraft engine developed by CFM international, a large aircraft engine manufacturer jointly established by the international company General Electric of the United States and SNECMA of France with a 50% capital ratio, but it will not be eliminated in the packaging industry within three years

(2) transmission

the use of transmission products in packaging machinery is mainly to adjust the main process speed and control the periodic change of motor speed in the production process. For most packaging machinery, frequency converter is not a necessary electrical product. Although more and more packaging machinery manufacturers have designed transmission schemes based on frequency converters, there are few users. Therefore, unless it is necessary to use frequency converters for such 3D printing conduits, packaging machinery manufacturers seldom consider using frequency converters. The frequency converter has a low utilization rate in this industry, and there is great room for development in large-scale standard machines and packaging production lines

(3) motion control

the application of motion control products in packaging machines is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization, which are used in loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, destacking and other processes. The packaging machinery that may be used for motion control products in this industry mainly includes: carton production line, automatic packaging machine, vacuum inflatable packaging machine, plastic laminating machine, composite flexible packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, packaging robot, unmanned packaging production equipment, packing/bottling equipment, cleaning, drying equipment, molding, filling equipment, sealing, capping equipment, weighing, packaging equipment, sterile packaging equipment. Due to the rapid development of China's packaging industry, China will need more high-end packaging machinery, and motion control products will also gain greater development space in this industry

(4) human machine interface

the HMI of packaging machinery is mainly text display, which is usually used in conjunction with PLC or single chip microcomputer to set production process parameters, monitor equipment operation status, and record equipment production history. A few high-end machines use touch screens

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