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Industry standards are expected to improve, and the integration of wind power equipment industry chain will speed up

improving quality standards will start from both manufacturers and operators, and the integration of wind power equipment industry chain will speed up

we now have 20000 fans installed, of which only about a dozen have problems such as fan burnout, collapse, broken blades and so on. The accident rate is only 1/2000, which is actually a very small rate. In the face of recent doubts about the quality of domestic wind power equipment, the national development and Reform Commission Energy Institute 9. Stretching distance (excluding piston stroke): 0- ⑴ 0000mm, according to the needs of users, Li Junfeng, deputy director of the manufacturing Institute, said at the recent briefing on the development of wind power

under the background that many media have been vigorously pursuing the quality accidents of wind turbines in some domestic wind farms recently, many senior wind power experts, including Li Junfeng, have come forward to clarify the facts, resolve everyone's concerns about the quality of wind turbines, and objectively correct everyone's one-sided understanding of the development status of domestic wind power equipment manufacturing industry

quality issues must be viewed from a development perspective

in recent years, China's wind power industry has entered a good and rapid development situation with the awesome of international and domestic industrial policies and market environment. Among them, the wind power equipment manufacturing industry has the strongest development momentum, with explosive growth. The number of manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of complete machines and related parts in China has increased from less than 20 in 2005 to 86 at the end of 2009

there must be hidden worries under prosperity. The blowout growth of the wind power equipment manufacturing industry has not only attracted many concerns, but also raised concerns about the overcapacity of the entire industry and the overall quality level of wind power equipment. An insider jokingly said that last year we were concerned about overcapacity and this year we were concerned about equipment quality. Our wind power equipment manufacturing industry has been spending the past two years in a series of major examinations

in general, our wind power equipment has been introduced, digested, absorbed and re innovated in recent years, and its market share in the domestic market has increased from 25% in 2004 to 87% in 2009. In general, the operation performance of the equipment has remained good. Li Junfeng told that the failure rate and accident rate of domestic fans are basically close to the international level and are within the normal range

he pointed out that China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry has gone through the path of similar foreign industries for decades in a few years. Although there is still a certain gap, there are a few accidents, and because the development of the domestic wind power equipment industry is still in the initial stage, it needs to be treated by all aspects of society with a tolerant attitude and a development perspective

industry standards are expected to improve

although the quality problem of wind belt equipment is not most, some insiders believe that if this problem is viewed from the perspective of development, further measures should be taken to effectively strengthen the quality and operation stability of fans in the future development process

among the many suggestions on the healthy development of wind power equipment manufacturing industry in the future, it is the most strong voice to improve the threshold of wind power equipment technology and market access standards, and strengthen the monitoring and certification of wind power equipment quality

in this regard, a government official said in an interview that in the wind power industry standard system currently being formulated, the technical performance parameters required for wind power equipment will be regulated in separate chapters, and the indicators will be moderately improved on a series of previous technical parameters, some even higher than the internationally accepted similar standards. The source revealed

in terms of technical indicators of wind power operation, a person in charge of the domestic power planning and Design Institute who participated in the formulation of the "wind farm operation and maintenance standards" told that the previously formulated wind farm operation and maintenance standards mostly emphasized the problems that should be paid attention to in the operation and maintenance of the wind farm itself, and the requirements for wind power equipment were mostly technical specifications from the perspective of stability, rather than specific requirements for the installed wind power equipment, In the future, we will consider putting forward some hard indicators on the operation performance of wind power equipment

in terms of quality inspection and certification of wind power equipment, Qin Haiyan, director of Beijing Jianheng Certification Center, who has long been engaged in domestic wind power equipment quality certification, said that wind farm developers will put forward certification requirements when purchasing wind turbines, and it is difficult to enter the market without certification. Therefore, the quality certification industry has been doing, and will continue to strengthen in the future. But he also pointed out that certification is only one link, which depends more on the quality of design work, even the quality of future operation and maintenance, and the quality of products. Each link must meet the requirements, so as to ensure that the quality reaches 100% qualification

industrial chain integration is conducive to internal quality control

with the joint efforts of many parties, wind power equipment manufacturers have also begun to take action one after another to accelerate the non-toxic, tasteless and low water absorption of their products in the industrial chain into various colors. The integration between downstream becomes a necessary choice to ensure the quality level of their own finished products

recently, Xinjiang Goldwind technology announced that it spent nearly 200million to wholly acquire 100% shares of GCL wind power (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and 25% shares of GCL wind power (Xilinhot) Co., Ltd. It is understood that GCL Jiangsu and GCL Xilin are two wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises under GCL holdings, which are mainly engaged in the R & D and production of wind power blades, and have the R & D, assembly and maintenance capabilities of wind power blades of 1.5 MW and above. According to institutional analysis, Goldwind technology is expected to provide more than 800 sets of blades by itself in 2011. So far, Goldwind technology's blade self-sufficiency rate will reach more than 50%

relevant analysts pointed out that this move of Goldwind technology not only highlights the effectiveness in integrating the industrial chain and reducing the design cost of its own product production 2.1 sensor, but also can implement effective internal control over the quality of the whole machine products through self-production of blades, which is a wise move to improve product quality and operating performance. The person pointed out that in the future, after calculating the segment stiffness, free height, initial tension and judging whether the spring is qualified, there will be more market behaviors such as Goldwind technology to integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chain, so as to build its own integrated production capacity, which will greatly promote the improvement of the overall level of wind power equipment quality. (guolifang)

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