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Continue to promote the industry of industrial coatings 4.0

continue to promote the industry of industrial coatings 4.0

January 3, 2018

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in recent years, the industrial paint market with both opportunities and challenges has continuously issued invitations to Chinese paint enterprises. Longtou enterprises such as garberry and zhanchen have sounded the horn to enter industrial paint and vowed to advance into industry 4.0. 2018 is the second year of the implementation of the industrial energy conservation and green standardization action plan. With the active promotion of industry associations and coating enterprises, will the spring of China's industrial paint industry come ahead of schedule? I can't help guessing here

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constantly promote the industry of industrial coatings 4.0

the total output of China's coatings and the output and market share of domestic coating enterprises are typical non proportional relationships. China is a large country in paint production. In 2016, with a total output of nearly 19million tons, China was firmly ranked first in the world. At the same time, China is also a large country in industrial manufacturing. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics a few days ago, the total profit of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size nationwide in 2017 was 6875.01 billion yuan, an increase of 21.9% year-on-year. With the proposal of the 4.0 era, industrial coatings have ushered in a new round of development relying on Chinese industry 4.0. Emerging industrial fields are creating an important and huge industrial paint market

however, in such a clear situation, China's industrial paint enterprises have not been able to take the lead, especially the coating enterprises in South China, who have more than enough understanding of industrial paint but less strength. "Weak technical force, less professional and technical talents of industrial paint" and other factors have made the development of China's coating enterprises relatively passive and at a disadvantage in the competition with international coating enterprises. In general, the current domestic industrial paint market is "divided into three parts of the world": foreign enterprises dominate the field of high-end industrial paint; State owned enterprises have a certain foundation in the field of low-end industrial paint, but the follow-up is weak; Private enterprises are poised for development, but there are no strong ones. This is a naked challenge for Tu enterprises with forward-looking vision, but it is undoubtedly a hidden opportunity

in order to change the current situation of industrial paint short board and promote the product line extension plan, many coating enterprises have laid out the industrial paint market in recent years, and accelerated technology research and development and capital investment, in order to expand the Centennial coating dream and realize the global development plan as soon as possible

take garberry as an example. Jiabaoli saw the huge automotive industrial paint market in China early. In order to comply with the environmental protection situation and seek development, Jiabaoli has been exploring and making efforts to develop water-based industrial paint, in order to break the technical bottleneck and develop into a new force of national automotive industrial paint. Finally, this "small goal" was achieved in 2017. On July 5, 2017, garberry and the European Chemical joint venture Guangdong Oudaya company were officially established, which is the first successful overseas enterprise of garberry group since its establishment. Eurochem has a history of 55 years, and its main business is the production and sales of industrial paint. At present, it has a large number of engineering protection and anti-corrosion cases, including Olympic venues. It is also an auto parts paint manufacturer of Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault and other companies. This cooperation with European chemical companies will undoubtedly greatly promote the development of garberry in the field of automotive industrial paint while promoting garberry to go international

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continue to promote the industry of industrial coatings 4.0

in the past year, zhanchen industrial paint has written the word "awesome newcomers" with strength. As we all know, zhanchen group has been leading the industry with its outstanding achievements in furniture paint. It has only been more than a year since it entered the field of industrial paint, but it is daunting. Zhanchen industrial paint has now gained a reputation in the industry. The initial time of establishment of zhanchen industrial paint business department was in May 2016. After more than half a year, zhanchen industrial paint basically completed the team construction, base construction and product system construction at the end of 2016, and started the channel construction at the same time, which officially opened the era of zhanchen industrial paint. It is understood that zhanchen industrial paint has achieved 100% of its sales target in the first quarter on March 25, 2017

at the mid-2017 work summary meeting of zhanchen industrial paint division, Chen Bing, chairman of zhanchen group, while affirming the achievements of the industrial paint division, talked about the base construction of zhanchen industrial paint. It is understood that the plant area project of Zhuhai zhanchen new materials Co., Ltd., which was capped on June 8, 2017, will rely on the environmental protection coating technology of zhanchen group, and will be dominated by water-based products. In addition to the production of water-based wood paint and water-based building paint, it will also create a whole industrial chain of water-based industrial paint. Obviously, zhanchen group is ready to meet the huge market of industrial paint

what will be the development of industrial paint products in the future

traditional industrial paint products include asphalt paint, alkyd paint, amino paint, epoxy paint, polyurethane paint, acrylic paint, silicone paint, etc., which are mostly used in the fields of equipment, ships, containers, bridges and electric machinery produced by industrial enterprises. They have the characteristics of bright colors, good decorative effect, excellent performance and so on. However, judging from the current environmental protection requirements and environmental needs, water-based industrial coatings is the general trend for the future development of 1500 booths. With the steady growth of the overall demand for coatings, enterprises will have a stronger demand for the technology of waterborne products, especially those that can't be quickly released during unloading and are easier to solidify

as the saying goes, collaborative partners can promote the development of the industry, so the success of "changing industrial paint oil to water" requires the joint promotion of associations and enterprises. Zhang Jiao, chairman of Huabao paint, previously said, "water-based paint is an original and disruptive product since the development of the paint industry, and our industry's contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection is immediate. Now the era of safe and environmentally friendly water-based industrial paint has come, and coating enterprises should boldly promote water-based industrial paint and accelerate the pace of environmental protection." It is understood that in order to meet the arrival of the era of water-based industrial paint, on March 1st, 2017, Huabao paint abandoned the paint with 20 years of production and R & D experience while there was still a market. Zhanchen industrial paint mentioned above also launched the latest water-based industrial paint products on August 8, 2017

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constantly promote the industry of industrial coatings 4.0

in order to speed up the process of "changing industrial paint oil to water", in recent years, coating industry associations and relevant social organizations have also made many efforts. In 2015, three water-based industrial coating product standards, such as water-based polyurethane coating hg/t, water-based epoxy anticorrosive coating hg/t, and water-based acrylic resin coating hg/t, were officially implemented on June 1, forcing battery manufacturers to consider the evolution direction of high nickel as a new material; In 2016, Guangdong, a major coating production province, responded to the national environmental protection policy and took the lead in putting forward the requirement that "all containers must be water-based by July 1st, 2017", strongly promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to achieve environmentally friendly production; In order to implement the relevant national environmental protection policies, ensure the realization of the goal of 60% water-based industrial coatings proposed in the 13th five year plan, and significantly reduce the serious pollution caused by industrial coatings, on December 2, 2017, China Coatings Industry Association specially established a water-based industrial coatings coating Branch The timely promotion of policies and standards and the joint efforts of enterprises and associations are all aimed at the early arrival of the testing day for the development of spring spring spring change testing machine for the torque and other mechanical properties of spring components


at present, the development of industrial paint in China is still deeply affected by "the growth of automobile and aviation industry, the recovery of oil and natural gas industry, capital mergers and acquisitions, and the changing regulatory environment"; With the rising price of raw materials, some well funded coating enterprises will speed up the research and introduction of advanced coating production technology in order to reduce costs. Therefore, on another level, multiple pressures will forge a changing industrial pattern. The development of China's industrial paint enterprises in 2018 is still worth looking forward to

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