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machine information '' Integration: 181gb/t industrial automation system manufacturing message specification protocol subset specification industrialautomationsystems -- specificationofsubsetsoftheprotocolforthemanufacturing -- messagespecification

182gb/t16722 Technical product documentation -- handling of computer-based technical information processing -- securityrequirements

183gb/t16722 Technical product documents computer aided technical information processing original documents technicalproductdocumentation--handlingofcomputer--basedtechnicalinformation--originaldocumentation

184gb/t16722 Computer aided method of technical product documents: 1 Data information loosening technology information processing status in the product design process technicalproductdocumentation -- handlingofcomputer -- basedtechnicalinformation -- phaseintheproductdesignprocess

185gb/t16722 Technical product documentation computer aided technical information processing document management and retrieval system technicalproductdocumentation -- handlingofcomputer -- basedtechnicalinformation -- documentmanagementandretrievalsystems

186gb/t surface waviness vocabulary surfacewavinessterms

187gb/t1800 Limits and fits basis part 1: vocabulary limitsandfs -- Bases -- part1:terminology

188gb/t inspection of smooth workpiece dimensions inspectionofplaneworkpieces

189gb safety of machinery emergency stop design principles safetyofachinery -- emergencytop -- principlesfordesign

190gb/t drafting and expression rules of safety standards for machinery safetyofachinery -- rulesforthedraftingandpresentationofsafetystandards

191gb/t11348 Measurement and evaluation of radial vibration of rotating machinery shafts Part 2: cluster advantages are further highlighted. Mechanicalvibrationofnon reciprocating machines -- measurementsonrotatingshaftsandevalationcriteria -- Part 2: the global smart home market will reach US $79.3 billion in 2021. Geland basedsteamturbogeneratorsets

192gb/T common thread terminations, shoulder distances, undercut and chamfer run outs, Undercutsandchamfersforgeneralpurposemetricscreenthreads

193gb/t16855 Safety related components of machinery safety control system Part 1: General rules for design safetyofachinery -- safetyrelatedpartsofcontrol systems -- part1:generalprinciplesforriskdesign

194gb/T principles of machinery safety risk assessment safetyofachinery -- principlesforriskarrangement

195gb/t16857 Coordinate metrology Part 2: performance evaluation of coordinate measuring machines coordinatemetrologypart2:performanceasssmentofcoordinatemeasuringmachines

196gb/t general rules for safety production in stamping workshops generalrulestosafetyproductionofpressingshop

197gb/T shape and position common deviation non rigid parts injection geometricaltolerancingofnon rigidparts

198gb/T key criteria for balancing mechanical vibration shafts and mating parts mechanicalvibra tion--Balancing--Shaftandfitmentkeyconvention


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