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The application of fine art words in packaging design

words play a decisive role in packaging design and are an important part of picture composition. It is not only a means of information transmission, but also an important part of visual appeal. However, I don't know how to circularly lubricate all moving parts. How to do a good job in word design and give play to its unique charm is an important link in the design process that can't be ignored in Oklahoma

the composition of packaging text includes brand text (commodity name), Latin characters (Chinese pinyin or English, etc.), factory name (factory address, etc.), explanatory text, advertising language, etc., of which brand and Latin characters are the main characters, and their position and area in the composition are relatively prominent. Some packages are all composed of words. The font, size, color and spatial proportion of all characters are determined by their position and position in the composition. Brand and Latin font processing methods and font selection are the key to determine the text in the picture and even the whole packaging effect. The print report is where the design of variant words should be standardized and personalized. Sometimes variant words are likely to become the symbol of a brand or even an enterprise's logo or brand image. The design of characters is based on the overall idea of different commodities to choose fonts, either solemn and generous, or relaxed and lively. Commonly used fonts include Song typeface, bold typeface, variant and Book typeface, as well as computer typeface such as near variety typeface, round typeface and amber typeface. Latin characters include old Roman, Modern Roman, variants of various periods and handwriting. Many standardized variant fonts in the variants can be selected directly according to needs, or combined according to brand specific letter variants

The application of

characters, like the popularity of clothing styles and colors, has its vogue, that is, one or more font types that are generally fashionable in a certain period of time

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