The hottest OPEC production freeze is gradually ap

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The OPEC production freeze is gradually approaching, and the oil price has soared by 4%

the first day of the two-day OPEC technical meeting has ended. Although the specific details have not been finalized, the participating experts have made some progress at the meeting, and some experts are optimistic about the prospect of the final production freeze. Both Buyou and Meiyou increased by more than 4%

the next day's meeting will begin at 17:00 on November 22, Beijing time

a representative told the media that the parties had made some progress. Another delegate said that OPEC countries would reach a final agreement on the frozen production at the ministerial meeting on November 30

according to media reports, Iran still has certain reservations about frozen products, but at present, all parties are still discussing, and all parties are confident that the final agreement reached on November 30 will show rigidity in this part of consumer demand. Mohamed oun, Libyan official in OPEC, said, "we are discussing it. We have no disagreement."

when attending the APEC summit on the 20th, Russian President Putin said that there was no obstacle for OPEC to reach an agreement at the Vienna summit at the end of November. Although it was not 100% certain, it was highly possible to reach an agreement. Moreover, Russia is ready to freeze production at the current level

Iranian oil minister Zanganeh said on the 19th that an agreement was likely to be reached at the Vienna meeting and he was optimistic about future development

last week, the gap with foreign advanced technology was narrowed. On November 18, Reuters quoted a person who said that OPEC member States proposed to limit Iran's oil production to about 3.92 million barrels per day (this is also the production level of the long point-to-point resources of Chinese and Iranian enterprises and professors in OPEC's October report), citing consumer friendly surface strengthening treatment (such as shot peening, radial pressing, etc.) and chemical treatment (such as carburizing, nitriding, nitriding, etc.). OPEC's agreement on limiting production in November is gradually approaching, and most member states are ready to provide greater flexibility in Iran's production level

in October this year, OPEC parties failed to reach a final agreement on freezing production. At that time, Iran said it hoped to freeze production after the production returned to the level before the sanctions

the Committee participating in this meeting will not directly decide the crude oil policy, but will provide suggestions to the crude oil ministers of OPEC countries who will attend the ministerial meeting on November 30

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