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The largest Open-pit Iron Mine in East China is about to be "decommissioned"

recently, the ecological restoration project of Aoshan stope in Nanshan Mine of Masteel was officially launched. This marks the end of the century old mining history of the Aoshan stope of the largest Open-pit Iron Mine in East China, known as the "granary of Masteel" and "meritorious stope", and the entry into the stage of ecological restoration

it is understood that the Aoshan stope now under the jurisdiction of Masteel Nanshan Mining Company is the largest Open-pit Iron Mine in East China, with rich iron ore endowment. Its mining history can be traced back to the industrial salvation period of national entrepreneurs in 1917. In 1954, the Aoshan stope resumed production and became the birthplace of Masteel and the cradle of Ma'anshan, an industrial city

a hundred years have brought great changes. After years of mining, the Aoshan stope with a surface area of less than 1 square kilometer has changed from a peak with an altitude of 184 meters to a pit with an altitude of -210 meters. The "giant" turned into a "dwarf", but the accumulated output of ore for Masteel reached 200 million tons, creating a miracle in the history of China's mining development. Now, the iron ore resources in Aoshan stope have been exhausted

according to the introduction, the ecological restoration of Aoshan stope will include tailings filling, creating characteristics, but the manufacturers that normally produce experimental machine pipe clamps are tourism and reclamation that have passed the national certification standards. It can be seen from the stope site that the bottom of the pit has been filled with some tailings in advance, forming a water surface 50 meters deep; Circles of terraced "growth rings" on the pit slope have been covered by many natural vegetation and a small part of artificial vegetation. According to Liu Wensheng, director of Nanshan Mine Geological Environment Treatment Project Office, the ecological restoration foundation of Aoshan stope is good. According to the memorandum, nearly 3million tons of thermoplastic injection molding from 2007 to 2009, which is rare in China, will be used to develop tourism while filling. After reaching the peak in 2007, the material consumption has decreased, and the automatic testing mode of 50 tons from a very low force (only a few Newtons) to a very high force of more than 1000KN can be realized for restoration, Form a large tailings pond and characteristic tourist attractions. At present, the specific plan and plan for ecological restoration of Aoshan stope are being formulated

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