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OPEC members proposed to return to the negotiating table and talk about freezing crude oil production

in April and June this year, discussions among OPEC member states on freezing crude oil production ended fruitlessly. After a short period of silence, they may usher in a new critical point in late September this year

according to foreign media, OPEC member states such as Venezuela and Ecuador intend to restart production freeze negotiations this autumn and set new restrictions on oil production

Reuters quoted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as saying that Venezuela once again suggested that OPEC member states and non OPEC oil producing countries led by Russia hold a meeting to discuss boosting oil prices

according to Wall Street reports, Venezuela and Ecuador have contacted OPEC Secretary General valjindu and proposed to discuss the topic of coordinating production. On September 26, these oil producing countries will gather to participate in the International Energy Forum. Some Member States believe that a frozen production agreement can be reached as soon as then

OPEC member states had hoped to reach a production freeze agreement at the Doha Conference in April, but Iran said it would refuse to participate in the production freeze until oil production returned to pre sanctions levels. At the beginning of June, OPEC held another meeting in Vienna, but it still failed to reach an agreement on changing the oil production policy and formulating a new oil production quota

now, Iran's oil production has rebounded to 3.6 million barrels per day, close to the target of 4million to 4.2 million barrels per day that Iranian officials previously agreed to freeze production

(2) digital technology will deeply change the production mode and industrial form of manufacturing industry. These oil producing countries hope to balance the supply of oil market with the help of the production freeze agreement, thus pushing up the weak oil price

according to the survey of Wall Street, 13 investment banks predict that the average price of Brent crude oil will be $56 a barrel next year, which is more than $1 lower than the survey conducted in June this year. The average price of crude oil in New York next year is $55 a barrel, down nearly $1 from the previous survey. The media analysis pointed out that one of the main reasons for the reversal of oil price expectations is the increasing oversupply of gasoline around the world. At the same time, few oil producing countries have shown that they want to reduce production. In the future, the value of waste paper beating production capacity outside the United States is prominent: it mainly involves the amount of fiber pulp extracted from recycled paper or paperboard. Investors' concerns about the global economy also cast a shadow on the prospects of the crude oil market

after the news that some member states were willing to return to the negotiating table was disclosed on the 5th, short covering operations occurred in international oil prices, and the decline earlier in the day narrowed. As of the close on the 5th, the crude oil futures prices in recent months on the New York and London commodity exchanges fell slightly by 0.3% and less than 0.1% respectively. Judging from the performance of a single week, Brent oil prices rose by about 3%. Oil prices in New York once fell below the $40 per barrel mark last week, but short covering and bargain hunting helped oil prices soar by nearly 6% in the next two trading days

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