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Qizhi technology, a drone data service provider, has received 10 million yuan of financing from Midea holdings. Krypton learned that Qizhi technology, a drone data service company, has recently completed a 10 million yuan pre-A round of financing, and the investor is Midea holdings. It is reported that this round of financing funds will be mainly used for product research and development and the establishment of delivery centers

because they are optimistic about the commercial application of UAVs, Chen Junyu and Li Bingjun led the team to establish Qizhi technology, and launched the UAV data analysis application platform "Qizhi dynamic meshkit" in 2016. This is a UAV based IOT software system and data service platform. In 2018, the team will determine the direction in the field of real estate construction engineering. The first subdivision application is earthwork survey

CEO and co-founder chenjunyu introduced to 36 krypton that land surveying and mapping is an important step in the process of building engineering to improve effective resolution at the expense of dynamic performance (bandwidth). Accurate measurement can help developers and construction parties calculate and predict the earthwork volume transported more accurately, so as to guide the adjustment of design scheme and cost budget. In the traditional measurement mode, there are some shortcomings, such as long collection cycle, insufficient amount of collected data, difficult review, inaccurate calculation and so on

Chen Junyu believes that with the increase of labor costs and the intensification of competition, the digital upgrading of real estate is an inevitable trend. At the same time, the development and industrial application conditions of UAV are becoming more and more mature, but how to effectively combine the UAV application with the engineering management application scenario and connect it to the traditional engineering work is still the pain point of the industry

in view of the above problems, Qizhi technology provides high-precision earthwork measurement solutions for real estate developers and engineering contractors based on the unmanned aerial vehicle and the "kit after the death of Kemal in 1938" platform. The details can be divided into the following links: this instrument is very suitable for use in factories

in the acquisition link, The operator carries out a simple three-step operation on the mobile terminal: voice intercom to confirm identity - select the surveying and mapping scheme - select the plot, the UAV will automatically plan the route and complete the flight action, and the information will be directly synchronized to the PC desktop to avoid data tampering

the desktop submits the UAV information to the meshkit cloud for modeling. The meshkit cloud service can quickly generate a three-dimensional real scene model through the ordinary photos taken by the UAV, form the point cloud data information, and complete the earthwork calculation

finally, the point cloud data can be directly imported into the design software, and the designer can design multiple project plans and budgets according to the measurement results

the team has cooperated with many first-class qualification units, such as surveying and mapping, planning and design, architectural design, etc., and has conducted many comparisons between the two measurement methods of handheld RTK devices and UAVs

in the data comparison of multiple checkpoints, the plane and elevation deviation of the two schemes are within 5cm; In the comparison of the calculation results of the overall earthwork transportation volume, the difference between the results of the two schemes is no more than 2%. However, the UAV can collect more geomorphic feature points to express the terrain, and avoid the missing and wrong measurement problems in the process of manual operation

in conclusion, using unmanned aerial vehicles for earthwork measurement can save the cost of early measurement and improve the efficiency of project development, and through more frequent and accurate real-time earthwork data

figure: Qizhi mobile meshkit on-site operation

aerial survey using UAV is not the first of Qizhi technology, but the previous problem is that the process is complex and the cost is very high. Chen Junyu believes that the team's contribution lies in highly standardizing the low-cost and high-precision scheme of UAV earthwork measurement:

in terms of the acquisition scheme, for different areas, terrain, weather, flight restriction policies and other conditions, "Qizhi dynamic meshkit" app has adaptive algorithms to help users with route planning, data synchronization and task management

cloud 3D modeling and contour topographic map are automatic output and full cycle standardized data, which can be applied to multiple departments of developers and help them improve their digital management level

in addition, Qizhi technology provides a single attendance service and on-site training service with unified national standards, which is also promoting industry standardization

Qizhi technology's customers include real estate enterprises, construction engineering companies, design institutes, etc. since its business was launched in October 2018, Qizhi technology has served dozens of real estate developers, including five of the top 10 real estate enterprises in the country, and some have reached group level strategic cooperation, with a total of hundreds of service projects. Among them, Qizhi technology has officially reached a strategic cooperation with Midea real estate. Qizhi technology will undertake the unmanned aerial vehicle earthwork survey of Midea real estate in more than 100 construction projects across the country, and implement the earthwork calculation and earthwork balance scheme design

in terms of profit model, it is mainly SaaS fees. According to different functions, the pricing varies from 10000/year. In addition, the team also provides a complete set of data collection and post-processing services, and collects data service fees on a pay by pay basis

Chen Junyu said that the real estate construction engineering industry is still very traditional. From developers to upstream and downstream enterprises such as construction general contracting, architectural design, surveying and mapping, supervision, etc., they are still using the technology and process of more than ten years ago. In recent years, major "C" developers on behalf of China (China) have made up digital lessons, and the application of unmanned aerial vehicles is a good direction. Not only earthwork measurement, Qizhi technology's plan in the future can also be extended to more follow-up links to help developers realize digital transformation and upgrading through the acquisition, processing, management and application of air data

in terms of the team, there are currently 50 people, headquartered in Hangzhou, with offices in Shenzhen and Shunde. CEO and co-founder chenjunyu once worked for a large architectural design company and was a continuous entrepreneur. He jointly launched a blank space in 2015; Li Bingjun, product leader and co-founder, is one of the first IOS developers and UAV flight control software developers in China, and the co-founder is left blank; Partner Lu Ziyang is an independent Hollywood producer and angel investor in the TMT field; Partner Liu Zhehuan once worked in the dynamics365 Enterprise Service Department of Microsoft headquarters in the United States

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