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The QS access of food in the farmers' market is not optimistic

yesterday, bottled soy sauce, vinegar and other food sold in a small grocery store on nongmao road were ordered "off the shelf" by the quality supervision department because they did not have the "QS" mark. It is reported that recently, the quality supervision department has found that there are no food products with the "QS" logo of accelerating the construction of a batch of rare earth deep processing projects in many farmers' markets in the urban area. To this end, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision reminded the public that when buying food in the farmers' market, they should check whether there is a "QS" mark on the package

since this year, China has implemented market access measures for 525 kinds of food in 28 categories in the domestic market. According to the unified deployment of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, as of July 1 this year, 15 categories of food such as rice and edible vegetable oil without the "QS" mark are not allowed to be produced and sold. The municipal quality supervision department inspected the supermarkets and farmers' markets in the urban area and publicized relevant knowledge. The food access and "QS" logo pasting of supermarkets in our city are in good condition. Most supermarkets can strictly control the purchase channel and consciously do not enter the goods of "non-standard enterprises", which better controls the food quality. However, in some farmers' markets and some small supermarkets in the city, there are still some problems in the access of food. Due to the direct purchase from "workshop enterprises" to varying degrees, many of the 15 categories of food sold do not have the "QS" mark. Although the law enforcement officers punished them according to law and educated the operators on "food safety and access" in the production, manufacturing and operation, the quality and safety of the food sold on the market is still not reassuring due to the low quality and interest driven of the operators. The quality supervision department believes that the best "market access" mechanism is to improve consumers' recognition ability and food safety awareness. The general public should take the initiative not to buy food without the "QS" mark. If they find food without the "QS" mark, they should report it to the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision in time

related links: 15 categories of food that must be labeled with "QS" are: wheat flour, rice, edible vegetable oil but found happiness, soy sauce, vinegar; Meat products, dairy products, convenience food, frozen drinks, quick-frozen noodles and rice food; Puffed food, condiments (sugar, monosodium glutamate), beverages, biscuits, cans

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